Your journey with us


Cercetro employs both experienced researchers and people with no experience at all.

Experience is gained through ongoing training and practical use of the skills you learn.



Your commitment and hard-work are rewarded at Cercetro.

We offer a promising and prosperous career progression.


Junior Researcher

Acquire knowledge in the Social Media aspect of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

Learn to perform Social Media research and create evidence reports, as part of a team

A Junior Researcher can become an Inpedendent Researcher


Independent Researcher

Knowledge and experience to conduct Social Media research

Works independently or in a team, supporting Junior Researchers.

Gain wider knowledge of OSINT techniques and skills, beyond Social Media Research

An Independent Researcher can become a Senior Researcher


Team Leader

Extensive knowledge and skills as a Social Media researcher

Proficient skills in the wider field of OSINT

Knowledge and experience to direct research and lead a teams of Researchers.

Supervise and support research teams during the entire research process.

Review the work of Independent Researchers.

A Team Leader can become a Manager of a Research Department.


Product Development

Cercetro develops OSINT applications.

As a researcher, you use, test and enhance all Cercetro products.


Product Marketing

As a researcher, you will get to know Cercetro products really well.

There is an opportunity to move from resaerch to marketing or support of our products, to customers, worldwide.


Equal opportunities employer

Specifically, Cercetro does not gender bias salaries.

Women and men, with the same experience and skills, are paid the same salary.


Your Further Education

We encourage and support your ongoing education.

If you’re interested in taking a Bachelor or Master degree or even a PHD, where these studies complement our business, Cercetro will support your education.