Research Manager

As a Research Manager, you will take on much more responsiblity within the business in a management position.

  • Manager: We find that, usually, researchers work better in teams. You will select and manage the research teams. You might decide it's better to keep the same teams or to mix things up.
  • Assessor. Are researchers performng to expectation? Where mentoring might not suffice, Cercetro offers extensive and frequent re-training opportunities.
  • Delegator: you might assign certain instructions to particular teams, taking into consideration the skill set and experience level.
  • Manager (Work flow). Where an Instruction might not provide adequate information, you contact the customer, to find out if more info is available.
  • Manager (Supply and Demand).┬áThe UK company has some ability to regulate the volume of new instructions. Particularly where the research team is able to take on more work, as new employees gain experience. It will be your responsibility to liaise with our UK company or directly with the existing customer's of the UK company, to elicit more instructions.
  • Mentee. The Investigation Manager in the UK will mentor and advise you.