Working at Cercetro as a Junior Researcher


Your free training will commence shortly after you start work at Cercetro.

Your training begins with a 4 day course. This is delivered by a the Training Manager or a Consultant Trainer, who comes to Bacau from the UK.

The course takes place at our office in Bacau.

The course provides an understanding of the theory and includers exposure to the practical techniques used by the OSINT researchers.

Specifically, the course teaches you:

  1. how to perform research on social media websites and other OSINT resources
  2. how to produce a digital evidential report generated from the social media and other OSINT resources

The course is essential to provide the foundation for your ongoing training and mentoring.

You will know the dates of the course well in advance.

If you cannot attend all 4 days of the course, your employemnt is terminated. You can re-apply, ahead of a future course.

After the initial 4 day course, you start work as a Junior researcher, under the supervision of a Senior Researcher or OSINT Manager with support from Independent Researchers.


You will always receive support and assistance with us

Ongoing support and teamwork allows you to apply the theory and techniques you have learned in the course, so you perform real world practical research and create evidence reports.

Most reports are composed of pictures and some text. Most of the text is already written on our reports template.

We make sure you will always be working together with a senior or independent researcher, before feeling comfortable to perform the research on your own.

It is our duty to support you in your daily tasks for as long as you need.


A typical day at Cercetro, where guidance is at the core of each task

These 4 easy steps represent the tasks you shall be expected to perform, in a typical day at Cercetro.

Step 1. Receive the instruction from the client

Everyday, the UK company receives instructions that are passed to Cercetro in Romania.

The instruction is evaluated and assigned to a research team.

Step 2. Perform the research

The team, that might include both Junior and Independent researchers, performs a detailed research

Step 3. Report composition

As a Junior researcher, you use the Cercetro OSINT application. The App will assist with the research and provide guidance for the report composition.

The OSINT application makes reporting quick and easy with minimal writing.

Step 4. Review the report

When the report is complete, it is reviewed by the Senior researcher and if satisfactory, it is sent to the customer.

If it is not satisfactory, the mentoring process continues with recommendations from the Senior researcher.

A typical case takes from 4 to 8 hours to complete.